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Fireside Chat: An Interview with Someone Inside The 9/12 Project Rally in DC

Mike is an average American who happens to care about his country.  A retired contractor in Alabama, he made the long drive to our nation’s capital last Friday to participate in The 9/12 Project Rally.  Below is an e-mail conversation I recently had with him regarding his time in D.C.

Q: Hi Mike, thanks for talking to us today.  Let’s start by telling everyone a little background about yourself.

A: First of all, thank you so much Rick for having me.  People got to know what’s going on and things like this really help to get the word out.  Anyway, as you said my name is Mike, and I love in northern Alabama.  I was a contractor in the area for about 40 years before retiring a few years ago.  I have a wife, two sons, and four wonderful grandchildren.

Q: So, growing up and into your adult life, were ever really interested in politics?

A: I’m glad you ask that Rick because it’s really a funny story.  I wasn’t interested in politics at all at any point in my life.  I wasn’t even registered to vote until this past election.  I had always just said that the people running for office knew more about stuff like that than I did, so my input wasn’t needed.

Q: Before you became interested in politics and started getting involved, did you ever get upset or frustrated with the direction of the government?

A: Well there were of course times when I was not pleased.  Like when Clinton was caught with that girl for example.  I felt like I needed to take him to church that’s for sure.  But my wife who’s always been much more interested told me that I couldn’t complain until I registered, so I just shut up real quick.

Q: I don’t think you were the only one that felt that way during the Clinton years, Mike.  So when did you first get interested in politics and what got you first interested?

A: Hmmm.  I believe it was the beginning of 2008.  I know some of Mr. Obama’s more controversial stuff was beginning to come out.  I was sitting in my chair watching Fox News, and something about his ties with the Ayers guy came on and that was enough.  I went and registered the next day and told my wife I now had full rights to complain about politics.

Q: So that one controversial relationship got you started on politics?

A: I wouldn’t say it was just that one, I’d been hearing a lot of stuff.  You know, Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, who I think is just despicabble.  Things just weren’t looking good.

Q: Long story short, Barack Obama was too controversial for you so you had to stand up?  I’m assuming you voted for McCain?

A: That’s right, was and still is too controversial.  Of course I did.  John McCain is an American patriot.

Q: I agree.  Now to the present:  When did you decide you were going to the DC Rally?

A: The first day I saw it on Glenn Beck’s show.  My wife and I were watching the tv and he announced The 9/12 Project and I said “Honey, make sure that weekends clear.  We’re going to DC.”  She was real excited, I’d say.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your trip there.

A: Well we (me, my wife, my wife’s friend and her husband) left on Thursday at around 8 AM because we wanted to be in D.C. for 9/11 memorial services.  I’ve wanted to be there for them since the 1st anniversary, but it hadn’t worked out until this year.  It took us about 12 hours to get their from our house.  We stopped for lunch in northern Tennessee and then drove straight into D.C.  It was about 10 or so when we got into the room.

Q: How was your time in D.C.?

A: Friday morning was very touching.  We went to the big memorial service at around 8 AM and afterwards we spent the day sightseeing.  It was my first time in D.C. so of course I had to see all the sights, you know the monuments, the museums, etc.

Q: That brings us to the rally.  Give us your thoughts on that.

A: The rally was great.  It’s so refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded Americans and know that we really aren’t alone.  And I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in one place.  If I had to guess I’d have said 5 million [people], but I heard some reporter say it was closer to 2 million.  We all really had a great time chanting; and we had our “YOU CAN KEEP THE CHANGE” sign in full force.  I just hope that all of us might have gotten through to even one congressman what we were trying to say:  government is not the solution.  That was pretty much our main purpose.

Q: Last question.  If and when there is another rally, do you think you’ll attend?

A: Absolutely.  If there’s a big one in D.C., we’ll definitely try and go.  We’re actually trying to get one planned for our town.  It won’t be on as grand a scale as D.C., of course, but it’ll still be a great experience.

Q: Thanks so much Mike.  You were great and I appreciate your giving us this time.  I hope everything keeps going great for you and your family.

A: No, thank you Rick.  I’m glad I could continue to do my part.  Take care, and God bless.

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