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Joe The Plumber’s Next Venture: An Epic Novel

Joe the Plumber shall plumb no more!

Joe the Plumber shall plumb no more!

Well, while the above title may be nonsense, it does bare some truth.  According to the New York Times, Joe has a book deal.  The title of the book? “Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream”.  I think it’s great that Joe will be capitalizing on his recent fame.  He has a great cause and a great point that some people still don’t understand:  Obama’s tax policies are socialist.  And while I don’t particularly think he will carry out those policies (during his first term, at least), it’s still on the back burner of his mind, which bothers me.  But regardless, Joe’s book will surely be a success with the conservatives, and those that don’t like Obama.  I’m sure that I’ll buy it, I tend to pounce on the oppurtunity to buy any book that’s even partially political.  That’s all the information I have on it now, but if I should hear anything else I’ll be sure to report.

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Joe the Plumber Out Campaigning with Palin

I guess he’s decided who he is endorsing, although I never really baught into his “I’m still undecided” nonsense.  Joe the Plumber was out campaigning with Sarah Palin when she brought up the issue of taxes.  She introduced as “someone who really gets it when it comes to this issue”, and he emerged on stage with much excitement and cheering.  I think Joe the Plumber is at the base of this last minute momentum change in the polls.  McCain has surged forward, only down 3 points to Obama in the latest Rasmussen poll.  And no matter what the crazy liberal media says and regardless of whether or not he holds an actual plumbers license, the point he is making is huge:  Obama’s tax plan is, simply put, socialist.  I know this is been said for a while, but the majority of voters really don’t know what that means.  A friend of mine the other day definied socialism as: “A form of government where everyone is friendly and communicates well with eachother.” (not even kidding).  So basically, I think Joe the Plumber (with the help of Barack Obama saying the “spread the wealth” line) has brought down to the average American’s level.  I think we will look back on this election and say Joe the Plumber was a defining moment.

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