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September 16th News Bits and Pieces: Barack Obama, Joe Wilson, Kanye West, and a Dog

Bits and Pieces is the updated version of “News Roundup”.  You can expect Bits and Pieces to appear on the site around 9:30 PM CST nightly.  I’m not rehashing the news; I’ve always been clear that’s not why I’m here.  The post will, however, contain the political and entertainment news from the day that I didn’t get to mention earlier, with my two cents on the story underneath the link.  So much opinion, so little time.


Bush on Obama: “This guy has no clue”

All I can say is the ex-Bush speech writer who’s writing the book should probably watch his back.  He’s doing a great job building hype for the release with all these explosive quotes, but as of now I question their validity.  If Bush did say this, I’ll think more of him because I’ll know he was sharper than we gave him credit for.

White House rejects racism claim

Barack and rollllll.  By that, I mean he’s on a roll by doing things that don’t aggravate me for two consecutive days.  This is refreshing to know that Barack doesn’t really think America is a nation of hateful, white, racist, hillbillies like the rest of the left.  Whether or not he was doing it to appease the right is still in question, but I don’t really care either way.  The fact that he said it the day after Jimmy Carter said it was all racism makes me smile.  Can you say reeeeejected?

(The) Obama Calls Kanye West a ‘Jackass’

This is the second time this week the Barack has done something that kind of made me happy.  That beats the previous record by 2.  I don’t use or condone profanity, but I’m not going to lie, I’m glad the B.O. did this.  And not because it shows he’s human, but because it shows he’s willing to (finally) be honest about something and speak his mind on someone that idolized him during the campaign.  It’s a great step in showing America that we don’t always have to be so politically correct.  If Barack wants to go for a trifecta of pleasing me, he can openly tell Terry Moran that it’s okay he leaked the story.  I’m sure Terry’s home network (ABC) is chomping at the bit to let him go.

Joe Wilson Says “You Lie” to B.O. during Health Address

I’ve avoided all comment on this since the night of the speech because I just thought it would be over after Joe apologized and Barack accepted.  Of course, it wasn’t that easy.  Joe apologized the night it happened, and Barack said it was okay promptly after.  That was one week ago.  Why on earth are we still talking about it?  It’s amazing how we can demand a congressional hearing over two words, but it’s taken years to get them to do anything about ACORN.


Kenny Chesney Says His Touring Days Are Over (For Now)

Fiiiiiiinallly.  Kenny Chesney has been touring for about 100 years now and it’s just about time he takes a break.  Honestly, I think he’s vastly overrated anyway.  He wins Entertainer of the Year every year at the award shows (though the wonderful Carrie Underwood dethroned him at the ACMs) and it’s just high time someone else was even considered at the other shows.

Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift at the VMAs

Kanye West, you are dirt to me.  I don’t even like Taylor Swift, but I feel terrible for her because you totally ruined her big moment.  This whole incident has made me like Taylor a little more because I think she’s grown up since I last developed my opinion of her.  She’s handled everything very well over this past week.

Jessica Simpson loses her little dog

Remind me why this is news?  Thousands of people lose their animals every day and I don’t hear about then.  Why should I care more that it happened to J-Simp?  To everyone that’s lost a pet recently: I’m very sorry for your loss.

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