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Week In Review: March 15th-21st

The logo for our latest series: DUmmies Exposed

The logo for our latest series: DUmmies Exposed

Site News

This past week brought many additions to The Conservative Journal, including:

  • The DUmmies Exposed Series, which highlights the crap that goes on at Democratic Underground, as well as other liberal websites.
  • Mail Bag, which highlights e-mails and comments worth a second look.
  • The presence of The Conservative Journal on many different blog ranking sites, all of which can be found on the top of the right sidebar.  This week, The Conservative Journal worked it’s way into the Top 10 of several of the ranking sites during the heat of the Meghan McCain saga.  I guess we reported on it the best here? 🙂
  • The WikiGate Project, which is aimed to find the conspirator of the campaign to rid Barack’s Wikipedia entry of anything not deemed 100% good.

Top 1o Posts and Pages of the Week

Be sure to check these out, everyone else seemed to like them!

  1. Mail Bag: Ron on National Debt
  2. Top Sites
  3. UPDATE: Meghan McCain Has Choice Words for Laura Ingraham
  4. Laura Ingraham Sets the Record Straight
  5. WikiGate: Who Did It?!
  6. Suspect #1: Nancy Pelosi
  7. Recovery Countdown: Check This Out
  8. The Saga of Princess Pelosi the Magnificent
  9. Suspect #4: Joy Behar
  10. What’s Everyone’s Beef With Meghan McCain?

Posts from the Week

These were posted during the last week, from oldest to newest.  If you missed them the first time, click the article and read away!

Poll of the Day Results

Although the results are in, the polls aren’t closed; you can click on the title of the poll and cast your late ballot!

March 14th- Are You Liberal or Conservative?

  • This could be the most obvious poll that will ever be on the site, but here are the results:  77% of readers of The Conservative Journal are more conservative, while 23% identify more with liberal viewpoints.  To those 23% in the minority:  I’m glad you here!  Rally some more of liberal friends so we get some comment debates going!  Seriously though, thank you to all that voted and read The Conservative Journal!

March 15th- Whose Side of the Fued Are You On?

  • This results of this poll are a lot closer than I expected:  When asked whose side Conservative Journal readers were (Either Jim Cramer or Jon Stewart) on in their little feud, 53% sided with Jon Stewart, and 39% sided with Jim Cramer; with the remaining  8% having no opinion.  I voted for Jim Cramer because I think his show is funnier, but I wasn’t expecting many to vote for him.  Guess everyone agrees?

March 16th- Internet problems prevented a poll on this day.

March 17th- What Do You Think About Laura Ingraham’s Comments?

  • In this poll, 63% thought that Laura Ingraham crossed the line with her “plus-sized model” comment to Meghan McCain, 23% think America needs to lighten up, and the remaining 14% don’t care about either one of them enough to form an opinion.  Once again, on this one I went with Laura Ingraham crossing the line initially, though after hearing the full context of the comments I don’t think they were that bad.

March 18th- What Are Your Views on Abortion?

  • On this random issue, the vote was almost split exactly as the “Liberal or Conservative?” poll, with 74% siding with the more conservative “Pro-life” option, and the remaining 26% going with the generally liberal choice of “Pro-choice”.  Of course, I went “Pro-life” on this one.

March 19th- Do You Support Gay Marriage?

  • Looks like our readers are a little more moderate on this one:  61% voted against gay marriage, with the remaining 39% voting in favor of gay marriage.  Of course, I voted against.

March 20th- What Do You Think of Barack’s Special Olympics Comments?

  • We posted this before news of his apology, and 74% of those polled said that B.O. needed to apologize for his remarks, with the remaining 26% thinking that America needs to lighten up and laugh.  While I did vote that B.O. needed to apologize (glad he did do that), I generally side with America needing to lighten up.  For someone that campaigned on a platform of hope, change, and equality this was a low blow.

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Poll of the Day: Whose Side of the Fued Are You On?

Most have heard about the fued between Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart (If not, click here.).  But who are you rooting for in this fued?  If it comes down to a cage match, who are you betting your money on?  Vote in the poll below so we can see whose got the edge according to readers of The Conservative Journal.

Thanks for participating!


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Jim Cramer: Why Couldn’t You Just Have Laughed??

Cramers media tour ended with a thud on The Daily Show.

Cramer's media tour ended with a thud on The Daily Show.

When someone makes a “yo mamma” joke, what is an acceptable response?  Laugh, and throw one right back.  You do not, however, e-mail your local news station, alert the authorities, go on every morning show in the country, and then tell your mother in order to save face.  While this whole scenario sounds out there, that’s basically what Jim Cramer did this past week.  Most know the story, but if not here’s a little background:

Jon Stewart made a little montage of CNBC Fails as a response to Rick Santelli’s rant the other day.  Some of the clips featured clips of Jim Cramer that were obviously plucked from various shows and grouped together to sound as bad as possible.  Instead of Cramer laughing at the little spectacle, he got upset and pitched a fit.  I think it was obvious the clips were cut to sound as bad as possible, and Stewart even willingly admitted that.  But Jim just couldn’t stand the humiliation.  He then went on a media tour that outdid even Rod Blagojevich’s media sprint earlier this year, make the whole situation much, much bigger of a deal.  Jon Stewart responded by running a special solely about Cramer, which resulted in Cramer’s attending the The Daily Show to have a little chat with Stewart.  Well that was also a FAIL because he was schooled and just looked like a fool.  So that’s where this little fued is now.

This whole event makes me embarrassed for Cramer; the clips on The Daily Show were funny and his media tour was over-dramatic and verging on pitiful.  I wish he would have handled everything better because I’m a Cramer fan, and I can’t stand Jon Stewart; I hate to see him actually win this whole little battle.  Unfortunately he won, fair and square.  What I don’t understand is why Jim made such a huge deal.  That’s what Jon Stewart gets paid to do:  read funny things off a teleprompter so everyone can have a good laugh.  Cramer needs to stick to the stock market, and make an effort to perfect that skill.  Now’s a great time for him to strike up some new support; he’s going to have numerous oppurtunities over the next few months to call the stocks and allow his followers to make quite a lot of money as we pull out of the recession.  And in the end, there’s no reason to get worked up about that kind of stuff because what is freaking out going to do?  Absolutely nothing.

What do you think of this fued?  How bad do you feel for Cramer after his day of humiliation on Thursday?  And finally, vote in today’s Poll of the Day about whose side of the fued you’re on!  Leave your comments below or e-mail us at theconservativejournal@gmail.com.

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