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Week In Review: April 12th-18th

**Sorry the ‘Week In Review’ post is a day late, I couldn’t do it yesterday.

Site News

  • I just wanted to thank all of you that have been viewing The Conservative Journal; this past week was by far our best one yet!  The site received over 19,000 page views this week, which led our rank on the site ranking service skyrocket.  Here’s the breakdown:

Political Topsites– #2 (#9 Last week)

Blog Top Sites– #9 (#19 Last week)

OnTop List– #3 (#7 Last week)

Top of Blogs– #3 (#8 Last week)

PolitiPoll– #1 (#4 Last week)

Thanks again everyone for making this possible!

Top 10 Posts and Pages of the Week

Everyone seemed to like these, so if you missed be sure to click the article and them out!

  1. Video of the Day: Susan Boyle!
  2. Video of the Day: More From Susan Boyle!
  3. Meghan Is Taking Her Father’s Maverick Label Too Seriously
  4. Video of the Day: American Idol Performances
  5. American Idol Top 7 Recap
  6. What’s Everyone’s Beef With Meghan McCain?
  7. Week In Review: April 5th- 11th
  8. Who Are They Kidding?  Of Course He Bowed!
  9. Video of the Day: A Tale of Two Bows
  10. Top Sites

Posts From the Week

If you missed these posts the first time around, be sure to click the title and read it now!  They in order from oldest to newest.

Poll of the Day Results

April 11th- How Do You Plan To Celebrate Easter?

  • 34% of those polled said they were going to spend time with family;  29% said they’d be attending Easter Services at church;  17% said they would be hunting easter eggs;  14% said they would be traveling; and the remaining 7% wrote in their easter plans, which included going to the beach, shopping, and visiting relatives.  In this poll, voters could pick more than one answer.

April 12th- Do You Think Barack Bowed?

  • 46% of voters in this poll thought that Barack did bow to King Abdullah and meant something by it;  35% agreed with me and said that while he did bow, it was more than likely because he didn’t know better;  15% say he clearly did not bow;  and the remaining 4% couldn’t tell.

April 13th- Do You Think Barack Acted Appropriately with the Pirate Situation?

  • 48% of voters thought Barack did act appropriately, 35% thought that he did not handle the ordeal well, and the remaining 18% wasn’t sure.

April 14th- Who Was Your Favorite On American Idol Tonight?

  • For fourth week in a row, Adam Lambert won our ‘American Idol’ poll with 29% if the vote, up 1 percentage point from last week.  The rest of the Idols stack up like this:  Allison Iraheta received 17%, Kris Allen Received 15%, Anoop Desai received 14%, Danny Gokey received 8%, Matt Giraud received 5%, and Lil Rounds received 3%.  The remaining 11% don’t watch.  The voters predicted the bottom two again this week, but failed to predict the bottom vote getter, though the judges saved him anyway.

April 15th- Do You Think It’s Possible to Keep the Pirate Situation Under Control?

  • 45% of voters said that they do not think there is anyway to prevent these pirate attacks from occurring;  41% said they thought something could be done to curb the attacks;  and the remaining 14% don’t know.

April 16th- No Poll

April 17th- Did You Participate In a Tax Day Tea Party?

  • 43% of voters said they did not participated;  39% said they did participate; and the remaining 17% didn’t know what that meant.

April 18th- No Poll


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Video of the Day: Barack’s Various Shorter People Handshakes

In order to dispell one of the ludacris excuses some people have come up with, I found this video of Barack shaking hands with various shorter people.  In none of the pictures is he bowing like he did to King Abdullah.

**Disclaimer- As I’ve said numerous times, I didn’t think Barack was being submissive to Islam by bowing to Kind Abdullah, I just don’t think he knew what to do.  In the video, there is another picture of Barack and Kind Abdullah shaking hands at a different event, and there is no bow.  So this little gaffe is nothing more than that; a simple gaffe.  I doubt it will happen again, but if it does, we then have something to start a fuss over.

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Poll of the Day: Do You Think Barack Bowed?

I made my opinion on this issue quite clear in this earlier post, but what do you think?  Vote below in today’s poll and see where your opinion stands in comparison to other readers of The Conservative Journal.

Thanks for participating!


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Who Arey They Kidding? Of Course He Bowed!

Does that look like a hand shake to you?

Does that look like a hand shake to you?

Barry O. continued his streak of international missteps last week when he bowed to Saudi Arabian King Abdullah.  Apparently, some one forgot to brief Barack before his trip and tell him that is off limits.  Well, if you watch the video of the bow (You can watch it here if you missed it.) you can see that it is CLEARLY a bow, or as IMAO put it, a “curtsy”.  Honestly, I don’t have a huge problem with the fact that he bowed.  Now, do I think he should have bowed?  Heavens no.  But the people that are saying his bow was “submission to Islam” (yes I read that on a blog) are crazy.  The reason behind the bow is simple: Barack doesn’t know what to do.  He’s confused, and the “fresh”, “new”, “young”, “changed”, “hip” staff that is supposed to be instructing him is even more clueless.  Someone needs to show them all the ropes before the next overseas trip.

Anyway, anyone that has seen the video should clearly see that he bowed.  However, some people that are drinking the strongest of all the kool-aids don’t believe that is the case.  This weekend I watched a woman on a Fox News show watch the video and tell the conservatives in the room they were insane because they thought he bowed.  Look woman, I don’t what video you’re watching, but he DEFINITELY bowed.  And on top of that Gibbs had the audicity to say that it wasn’t a bow and there was no need to talk about it.  I think what these people in denial don’t understand is that this could be much less of a big deal if they would admit the truth.  They are going to have a much easier time convincing Americans that he bowed because he didn’t know proper protocol rather than he didn’t bow at all.  Because he bowed.  There should be no debate over that.  At all.

Ultimately, Barack will learn what he is supposed to do in different conditions.  Until then, we get these kind of gaffes that we can all sit back and watch people over react to.  Barack’s bow was an empty bow.  It meant nothing, he simply thought that was what he was supposed to do.  If I am wrong, however, we have something to worry about.

What do you think of the bow?  Are you as convinced as I am that he definitely bowed?  Leave your comments below or send us an e-mail at theconservativejournal@gmail.com.

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Video of the Day: A Tale Two Bows

I saw this over at Conservative Underground, and I thought it was just too good to pass up.  Here is a video that compares B.O.s bow to the Queen compared with his bow to Saudi Arabian King Abdullah.  Which one looks more sincere to you?

What do you think?  Does anyone have a sneaking suspicion that he would have rather just high-fived the Queen?  Leave your comments below or send us an e-mail at theconservativejournal@gmail.com!

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