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Week In Review: March 8th-14th

The Conservaitve Journal is hip; we got a Facebook!

The Conservaitve Journal is hip; we got a Facebook!

For those not familiar with this type of post, it is simply a summary of site news, posts, and other notable events from the week (Though there are few from last week thrown in today)  regarding The Conservative Journal.  This is a weekly post that will be published every Saturday as a way to make sure you didn’t miss anything over the past week!  On a side note, Monday’s will began the Weekly Roundup posts, which detail news and good articles from the previous week.  So without further ado, here’s the Week in Review!

Site News

This past week brought about many additions to The Conservative Journal including:

  • An RSS Feed and an e-mail subscription option.
  • A Facebook page
  • The Poll of the Day, which features a daily poll question with the results detailed on the Week In Review post.
  • The Hall of Fame, which is the place to find legendary posts, comments, e-mails; anything that is said that deserves to be remembered forever.

Top 10 Most Popular Pages and Posts of the Week:

Be sure to check these out, everyone else liked them!

  1. Top Sites
  2. Megan McCain Disses Ann Coulter
  3. The Saga of Princess Pelosi the Magnificent
  4. Possible Candidates for 2012
  5. Politifact OBAMeter:  Check This Out!
  6. Contact Us
  7. The Conservative Journal, Now with RSS!
  8. Top 10 Senate RINOs According to Human Events
  9. I Had an Inspiring Dream Last Night
  10. Glenn Beck ROASTS Communist on Live TV!

Posts from the Week

These were posted during the last week.  If you missed them the first time, click the article and read away!

Poll of the Day Results

Although the results are in, the polls aren’t closed; you can click on the title of the poll and cast your late ballot!

March 12th- How Would You Rank Obama’a Term So Far?

  • No suprisingly, ‘F’ was the most popular choice among readers of The Conservative Journal with 43% of the vote.  ‘D’ was the second most popular with 23% of the vote.  Next was ‘C’ with 20%, followed by ‘B’ and ‘A’ with 7% and 5% of the vote, respectively.

March 13th- Who Is Your Favorite Cable News Host?

  • The Conservative Journal readers have awarded Glenn Beck with the honor of favorite cable news host with 38%, quite a bit more than anyone else received in the poll.  In second was veteran Bill O’Reilly who recieved 23% of the vote.  In third was Nancy Grace (Huh?) with 11% of the vote.  Fourth and Fifth place were tight, but Sean Hannity finally squeaked out 9% in the end, enough to beat Anderson Cooper’s 8%.  Sixth went to Shep Smith (Wasn’t listed on the poll, but received numerous write in votes) with 6% of the vote.  Finally, in seventh was Rachel Maddow with 4% of the vote.  The remaining 1% was split between Greta Van Susteren, Brett Baier, Campbell Brown, and Chris Matthews.


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