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Music Review: “No Boundaries” Kris Allen

In honor of the close of the 8th season of American Idol, I have decided to make Kris Allen’s “No Boundaries” the first song that I review in consideration for the “TCJ Playlist”.

In a shocker to most (me), Kris Allen pulled out a victory against front-runner Adam Lambert for the American Idol win.  With the big win Kris was rewarded fame, a car, countless interviews and media attention, and this heap of trash known as “No Boundaries”.  I’ve been a fan of Kris Allen to some degree since around the time dear Megan Joy was eliminted.  As the competition progressed, I began to realize just how popular Kris Allen had the potential to be.  However, everything Kris had made himself as an artist was the polar opposite of the bombastic, borderline obnoxious, “No Boundaries” trash pile.  Kris is a subtle artist.  He does not sing about weathering hurricans and going deeper and higher.  Having said that, he didn’t pick the song or have any part in the arrangement.  His performance on Ellen was acoustic, and he seemed much more comfortable.  The studio version is also better than the Finale performance as far as fitting his voice, but it’s still a crappy song.

The Verdict

The song is trash.  However, given that Kris didn’t write it or choose it, I give him a pass there.  The vocals are good on the recording and it does have potential to do well considering most people don’t listen to words of songs.   So yes, I will reluctantly approve “No Boundaries” for the TCJ Playlist.  Just don’t look for it on my iPod.


“No Boundaries” the song- 2 Elephants (Sorry, don’t have the graphics working now)

“No Boundaries” by Kris Allen- 4 Elephants

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