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Video of the Day: The National Debt Road Trip

I saw this video on YouTube and I thought it provided a great illustration of just how much we are going to spend over the next few years.  I think it really puts into perspective the way we’re going is not the solution.  Here’s the video:

To watch other videos like this one, click here to view 1000pennies YouTube channel.

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The Saga of Princess Pelosi the Magnificent

Princess Pelosi runs the show, and for some I reason I have a problem with that.

Princess Pelosi runs the show, and for some I reason I have a problem with that.

Anyone that thinks we lost the royal family with the Declaration of Independence is sadly mistaken.  Princess Nancy Patricia D’Alsendro Pelosi (No, I did not make that up) is reigning emperess of these fine United States, and no one’s going to convince her otherwise.

The latest chapter in her multi-part, made-for-tv drama consists of Princess P being an air plane hog and demanding that military jets are at her disposal at all times.  In fact, she and her team of nitwits are sure to book a military plane, at the taxpayers expense no less, every weekend in case P gets the urge to go shopping on 5th Avenue across the country in New York, or in case she gets really bored at one of those stupid congress sessions and wants to make a bee line for the vineyard/San Fransisco estate/Magic fairy princess castle.  Now, of course, her preferred mode of transportation is enchanted unicorn, but a private military jet that she travels on free of charge will do just fine (I hear B.O. has the unicorn reserved so he can travel more efficiently when ruining our foreign relations.  I wonder what kind of fuel economy a unicorn gets?).  Also, an official at the Defense Department said that Pelosi often cancels flights the day of the scheduled flight; far too late for anyone to take the scheduled flight instead and wasting millions of our dollars in flight prep work.  Think of all the money we’d save if Mystical Sea Hag Pelosi just flew commercial!

The E-mails…

From: princesspelosi@gmail.com

To: bigOtheprez@yahoo.com

Subject: i need a air plane pleze.

Message: hi barak!!  its princess nancy pelosi and i have suuuuuper special request.  i like need a air plane every weekend of my life.  i don’t wanna fly on those stinky regular planes, the bathrooms smell like one of those nasty city buses.  i need a air plane that smells like my britney spears perfume.  so if u could preeeetty pleze tell that guy in charge of those really neato army planes that i need 1 i would really be happy and probably even show up 4 the next congress session thingy.  so lemme no very very very soon pleze and i might make you a night in a shiny army and your wife (melissa?) can be a princess that you can save too.

your bff,

princess pelosi

From: bigOtheprez@yahoo.com

To: princesspelosi@gmail.com

Subject: Re: i need a air plane pleze.

Message:  what up Naaancy!  i’s just gone tell ya that my boi over at the army’s gone hook ya up with a real nice ride.  you set for however long you need it!  if you don’t need it just let him no whenever, i think he voted for mccain so i don’t mine making him wate.  hope its all good!

ya boi,

barry o.

Alright, alright, these are obviously not the real e-mails (all errors are intentional), but they are what I imagined they said before looking at the real e-mails.  These are all in good fun; if you take offense by them please don’t let me know. 🙂

For the real e-mails and other documents, click here.

Bottom Line…

Nancy Pelsoi is one of the richest members of Congress, yet she won’t pay for her own personal flights, and requires a private military jet every time she travels.  She is an arrogant, elitist snob that has no clue what normal life is like in America.  When people with a skewed view of society are in power they can’t make decisions that are meant to benefit the common-folk.  I’m not saying we should shun Princess P for her financial success, but her “I run this joint” attitude proves she’s not capable of seeing the world from an everyday American’s perspective.  Unless she sees herself through our eyes, she will never hang up the tiara and  do what’s best for America.

What do you think about Princess Pelosi’s masquerading around on jets we fund for her own personal enjoyment?  Do you find her quite as vomit-inducing as I do?  Post your comments below or send us an e-mail at theconservativejournal@gmail.com.  Remember, your e-mail may be featured on the site!  Also, don’t forget to subsribe to The Conservative Journal RSS feed or e-mail subscriptions by clicking the links at the top of the sidebar under the ‘Subscriptions’ heading.

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I Had an Inspiring Dream Last Night

Everyone needs to be the yellow smiley.

Everyone needs to be the yellow smiley.

As most everyone knows (if not, crawl out from under that rock.), the stock market is quite low right now and the economy is crap.  However, last night I had a dream that lifted my spirits a little bit.  In my dream, I was at my parents house watching FBN (Fox Business News) with my dad.  In the dream, the news anchor was visibly ecstatic over the most recent developments.  Turns out, the market was making a massive recovery and it was playing our right before all of America.  It was just noon and the market had rebounded 500 points since the opening bell, with no signs of slowing up.  Everyone was, understandably, thrilled over this news.  That is about all I can remember, but regardless of the vagueness of the dream, it certainly put things in perspective for me.  Even though times are tough now, good times will return.  Now, in no way am I downplaying the severity of our current situation.  It’s bad, and I consider myself to be one of the least affected.  I feel for the families that are losing so much (well, I feel for the one’s that were living within their means.  To the one’s that weren’t and charged up credit cards to the 6 digits so they could drive a Beemer: this mess is partially your fault.).  But no one should lose hope.  And by that I mean, in four years we have a chance to fix thies mess.  The current administration is leading us in the completely wrong direction with the economic crisis.  However, once again, great times are coming once we got out of this.  Look back at past recessions, coming off of those are some of the most prosperous years we’ve experienced.  So to everyone having a rough time now, stay optimistic!  Be as content as you can now because everything WILL get better.

Hope I’ve encouraged at least one person.  Leave a comment it below and let us hear how feel.

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Confirmed: Chief of Staff is Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel Obama Chief of Staff

Rahm Emanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff

This could be a sign for what’s to come with Obama as president.  If the trend continues with choosing liberal partisans, then we could see a whole lot of governing from the left in the years to come.  I’ve told those that think he would try and go from the center that they are simply wrong.  The hard-left is what got him started, and as they pointed out yesterday on FOX, he owes them.  I imagine that they will all have a strong influence on him through the years, which will no doubt spell disaster in many ways.  All we can do is hope Emanuel is his most extreme staff member (can’t think of any other possibilities that could top that anyway.), and he puts some people we can trust to do what is truly right for this country in his cabinet.


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