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Week In Review: April 5th- 11th

Site News

  • The Conservative Journal is on track to hava another record week this week.  Final page view numbers aren’t in for today, but our daily page view average for the week is at the its highest point yet.  Thanks for visiting The Conservative Journal and making this blog a success!

Top 10 Posts and Pages of the Week

Everyone seemed to like these posts, if you missed them be sure to check them out now!

  1. American Idol Top 8 Recap
  2. The Tale of the Chia Pet
  3. Levi Johnston’s Interview with Tyra Banks- Recap
  4. Week In Review: March 29th- April 4th
  5. UPDATE: Levi Johnston Says His Family Isn’t “White Trash”
  6. What’s Everyone’s Beef With Meghan McCain?
  7. Video of the Day: Barack’s Got Some Skills!
  8. Top Sites
  9. Video of the Day: American Idol Performances
  10. PolitiPoll Site Rankings: Check This Out!

Posts from the Week

If you missed these posts over the past week, be sure to click the article links to check to them out!  The posts are in order from oldest to newest.

Poll of the Day Results

April 4th- What Do You Think of Levi Johnston’s Interivew with Tyra Banks?

  • 54% of those that voted felt that Levi lied throughout the interview to extend his time in the spotlight, 29% don’t care enought about Levi to even read the recap/watch the clips, and the remaining 17% actually thought it was a good interview.  Maybe they were confused about which interview I was talking about?

April 5th- No Poll

April 6th- What Do You Think of Barack’s Reliance on a Teleprompter?

  • After Barack’s mess up during a town hall last week, it was quite clear that he was relying to heavily on his teleprompter.  72% of those that voted agreed with me in saying that it’s ok to use a teleprompter, as long as you actually know what your saying.  17% think that he should never use a teleprompter, which is unrealistic in my eyes, and the remainging 11% said that we should leave him alone.

April 7th- Who Was Your Favorite On American Idol?

  • For the 3rd week in a row, Adam Lambert leads the favorite idol poll with 28% of those that voted chosing him as their favorite; up 11 percentage points from last week.  The rest of the Idols stacked up like this: Allison Iraheta received 14%, Danny Gokey recevied 12%, Kris Allen received 10%, Matt Giraud recevied 9%, Anoop Desai received 5%, Lil Rounds received 3%, and Scott MacIntyre received 2%.  Of the remaining 17%, 7% said they miss meghan, and 10% said they don’t watch.  **Fun Fact** The voters in this poll “predicted” not only the bottom 3, but also that Scott would be eliminated.

April 8th- Whose Side Are You On: Palin or Johnston?

  • 57% of voters said they are on the Palin’s side, 28% said they are on the Johnston’s side, and the remaining 15% said they can’t stand either.

April 9th- What Do You Think of the Obama Chia Pet?

  • With all of the outrage over the Obama chia pet, I had to see what everyone thought.  74% agreed with me that there is nothing wrong with and everyone needs to calm down.  14% think it’s racist and horrible, 9% don’t know what a chia pet is, and 3% don’t know who Barack Obama is.  I feel confident they were kidding.

April 10th- No Poll

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Poll of the Day: What Do You Think of the Obama Chia Pet?

People in this country sit on pins and needles looking for something offensive.  Well, they’ve finally found the next thing to attack: The Barack Obama chia pet.  Many people are expressing outrage over the chia pet, calling it racist and distasteful.  Vote in today’s people to see how many readers of The Conservative Journal are just itching to get offended!

If you missed the ridiculous outrage about the Barack-themed chia pet, click here.

Thanks for participating!



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The Tale of the Chia Pet

Shame on the scum that made this.  Shame, shame, shame.

Shame on the scum that made this. Shame, shame, shame.

Chia pets were first introduced in 1982, and grew to become very popular collectors items during the 80s.   However, the chia pet has become a joke, landing at the top of the ‘Top 10 Worst Gifts” list several times over the past decade.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, the harmless, grass covered chia pet is at the center of what one blogger called “the biggest scandal of the Obama presidency”.  That’s right folks.  Chia pets’ mothership, Joseph Enterprises, dared to introduce the controversial, racially charged OBAMA CHIA PET.  Or at least, that’s what Walgreens and select few morons are saying.

For those that haven’t heard, the horrible Obama chia pet was released to Walgreens and was nearly immediately pulled from shelves because some viewed the chia as ‘racist’.  They cited the fact that no other president was given a chia pet, so what made them start with Obama?  Well,  here’s a proposal:  B.O. is possibly the single most hyped person in the world.  Everyone is talking about him, whether good or bad.  So naturally, Joseph Enterprises wanted to cash in on Barack’s celebrity power and save their dying chia pet brand.  Is that really so scandalous?

In all actuality, I think the people calling the pet racist are the ones that are racist.  I never in a million years would have looked at a Barack chia pet and thought “Wow, how racist is that?”.  It honestly even took me a minute to find out the ‘racism’ in it after it was pointed out.  Apparently the grass/weed (whatever it is) hair is racist?  Also, would this chia pet still had been racist if every president had a chia in their likeness?  The “racist” hair would still be present, so would everyone causing a stirr over this be doing this same in that situation?  False.  If they left Barack out of the chia line while every other president got one, then it would be racist again.  It’s really just a lose-lose for the chia pet.  And that’s a real shame.
What do you think about the chia pet conspiracy?  Did you notice the alleged racism at first glance?  Leave your comments below or e-mail us at theconservativejournal@gmail.com.  Also, check back in and look for a poll on this subject.  Thanks for reading!



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