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Parks and Recreation Premiere “Pawnee Zoo”- Recap and Review

If acting doesn’t work out for Amy Poehler, I see some rapping in her future.  When approached by Ron she started rapping some song and strolling casually around the office before Ron informed her someone was “on fire at the park”.  In typical Leslie fashion, she shoots off to save the day.

According to Leslie, she’s been doing a lot of promotion for the Pawnee Zoo including; a party for an elderly parrot, an attempt to get chimps to throw prizes into the crowd (they just threw crap), and finally a marriage ceremony for two new penguins.  That last one gets her in hot water because the two penguins she marries turn out to be both be boys.  Uh oh.

The next day at the office, Mark confronts Leslie and calls her an “activist” to which she says, “No, no, no, no.”  She then explains that Pawnee is not very receptive to activism,”A garbage man was once suspended for wearing a livestrong bracelet.”  Later, Ron delivers a cake and a shirt sent to Leslie by The Bulge, a gay bar that Leslie says she’s “wasted many nights at”.  Aprille brings in her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s boyfriend who wanted to meet Leslie and thank her for taking a stand for gay marriage.  Though Leslie is resistant, she agrees to go to The Bulge and be their guest of honor.  They hand her a picture of herself colorized like the Barack Obama posters that say “Hope”, only hers says “Knope”.  That’s hilarious.

Later, Marcia Langmen of a family activist group enters the office to ask Leslie for her resignation because she used tax payer dollars to push a gay marriage agenda.  Marcia demands either the annulment of the penguins’ marriage, or Leslie’s resignation.  In the midst of all this, Mark asks Ann to go out on a date but she says no because that would be too weird.

That night at the gay bar, Leslie plans to tell the gays present that she was not taking a stand and that she was very sorry.  But she is overwhelmed by her supporters chanting her name.  With all the pressure, Leslie backs off her previous stance of having no stance.  The gays in the bar give her free drinks, and we know how she gets with alcohol.  “You know why tonight’s fun?  Because everyone here is so guy.  Just stone cold gay.”  She’s also very excited because she found two bisexuals and got their numbers.

The next day, Ron enters Leslie’s office and tells her she has to go on “Pawnee Today” and take a stand because Marcia is calling for her resignation.  While Marcia and Leslie are debating she says she just wants her to annul the marriage and then resign.  “Is that it?” says Leslie, “You sure you don’t want to me jump off a building too?  This is why people don’t go into politics, because I bust my butt around here and I have one night of fun and this is what I get!”  Leslie then takes to the phones and quickly finds that the callers are in favor of her resignation.  One caller says “Would you let me marry my guinea pig, because I’d like to.”  Marcia responds, “See, that’s a reasonable concern.”  Leslie replies, “I didn’t murder anyone or have an affair, I just made something cute.  I will not annull.”

In the mean time, the “new and improved” Andy comes back to see Ann.  “I think it would behoove us to try again.”  He says he’s taken an office job and has learned new words,  though we quickly find out that he’s living in a tent at the bottom of the pit.

In the end, Leslie ends up transferring the penguins to Iowa because gay marriage is legal there and they will be happy together.

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