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Pointless Post of the Day: Pauline Hanson’s “Pauline’s United Australia Party”

Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson

Pauline’s United Australia Party was created by Australian politician, Pauline Hanson.  Hanson was the founder of One Nation, a nationalist political party in Australia.

Hanson formed the party in order to ensure that her name appeared above the line (as per the voting method in Australian federal elections) rather than simply below the line amongst a list of independent candidates.

In the first election as a member of “Pauline’s United Australia Party”, Hanson received over 100,000 votes, garnering her 4% of the statewide vote in Queensland.

Brian Burston also ran under this political party for the Australian Senate int the state of New South Whales.  He received nearly 40,000 votes, nearly 1% of the vote.

Pauline Hanson, the founder of the party, was named among the Top 100 Most Influential Australians of All Time.

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