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I’mmm Baaaraaack!

Hey guys, sorry for the extended summer leave.  I’m going to be quite honest and say that after my big trip at the end of May/beginning-of-July, I was just exhausted.  Not to mention that I was getting sick of the way politics in our fine nation were headed.  So I decided to take a few months off, regroup my thoughts and return when ready.  That’s why I didn’t leave a “formal” (as formal as you can get on a small to midsized WordPress blog), but rather just left quietly.  If you look back on my last few days of posting, it’s clear that I was running out of creativity and energy.  So for your sanity and mine I decided a break was necessary.  And man did a lot happen during that break!  I decided I’m not really a conservative, sold my car and bought a bike, stole an Obama t-shirt, spread rumors about Sarah Palin, and most of all became the number 1 supporter of Obamacare!  So…… how was your summer?

Now obviously that’s all one big lie, though apparently lies are the going thing these days.  What really did happen this summer was eye opening:  I saw for the first time that our country really is headed south.  I joked about it via this blog/life in general (Don’t worry, I still will), but it occurred to me over the summer things are getting bad.  Having said that, I’m still the same person and chances are this blog won’t become any more serious than it was before.  I’m now just…. aware.  I’ve never really hinted at my age on this blog so it doesn’t influence the way it’s read, but I’m a pretty young guy.  And though I’ve been interested in politics since our election for Crayon Czar in first grade, I feel like for the first time I really understand what’s happening around us.  So hopefully I can bring some of that understanding through in my posts.

I look forward to posting as I used to, though I’ll probably avoid the filler posts for now.  They’re tons of fun for me because that’s the way I like to broaden my horizons, but I’m probably gonna be too busy, at least until after Christmas.  If it looks I have time for it I’ll be sure to bring it back!

Thrilled to be back everyone!



P.S. Who caught the punny title?  +1 smart points for you!

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The Hot Joints: Check This Out!

Featured Blog Winners!

The Hot Joints is a great resource to see the latest political news and opinion all in one place.  If it’s news, you can more than likely find it at The Hot Joints.  Everytime I visit I find a new article of news on display.  Definitely a must read that I greatly enjoy each and every time I visit!

To visit The Hot Joints, click here.

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Thanks for reading and don’t forget to visit The Hot Joints!


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Video of the Day: Auto-Tune The News

I found this earlier today, and I think it’s hilarious.  Hillary Clinton’s segment is really funny, as is Katie Couric.  Watch “Auto-Tune the News” below!

What do you think?  Leave your comments below or send an e-mail to theconservativejournal@gmail.com if you have a video you think deserves to be the video of the day!

Thanks for reading!



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Poll of the Day: Do You Think Barack Bowed?

I made my opinion on this issue quite clear in this earlier post, but what do you think?  Vote below in today’s poll and see where your opinion stands in comparison to other readers of The Conservative Journal.

Thanks for participating!


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Month in Review: March 2009

For those familiar with the “Week In Review” feature, this is virtually the same thing, it just spans a longer time period.  It’s a little more compact, though.

Site News

  • This month we added an RSS Feed, as well as e-mail subscription.  Make sure you sign up today!
  • We also became “hip” with a Facebook page.  To visit our page and became a fan, click here.  Don’t forget to tell all your conservative friends about The Conservative Journal!
  • The Hall of Fame page.  You can find the best guest comments and articles here!
  • We added the following recurring series:
    • DUmmies Exposed- Exposing those on the left that are morons.
    • Mail Bag- Bringing the best comments and e-mails to the front lines.
    • No Politics Tuesday- We have to break from politics some time!
  • We capped off the WikiGate Project and chose Joy Behar as the main conspirator.
  • And we entered the top 10 on two blog ranking websites, top 11 on one, and the top 20 on two others.  The differences in position are based on how the sites are ranked, and each site can be found under the subscription area.  Thanks to all the readers that made this possible!

Month in Numbers

  • 31,645 page views

Top 20 Posts and Pages of the Month

  1. Top Pages
  2. Possible Candidates for 2012
  3. The Chosen One Will Triumph in 2o12 Against Sarah Palin
  4. Mail Bag: Ron On National Debt
  5. Laura Ingraham Sets the Record Straight
  6. The Saga of Princess Pelosi the Magnificent
  7. The Conservative Journal, Now With RSS!
  8. Barack Obama Reads This Blog
  9. What’s Everyone’s Beef with Meghan McCain?
  10. Suspect #1: Nancy Pelosi
  11. Meghan McCain Disses Ann Coulter
  12. UPDATE: Meghan McCain Has Choice Words for Laura Ingraham
  13. Top 10 Senate RINOs According to Human Events
  14. More From the World of Meghan
  15. American Idol Top 10 Results Show
  16. I Had an Inspiring Dream Last Night
  17. American Idol Top 10- Recap
  18. Recovery Countdown: Check This Out!
  19. PolitiFact OBAMeter: Check This Out!
  20. Charlie Rangel Can’t Read His Own Writing

Posts and Polls from the Month

Look towards the bottom of these “Week in Review” posts to see every post from each week of the month, in addition to results from each poll of the day from the month!

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