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PolitiPoll Site Rankings: Check This Out!

Featured Blog Winners!With the abundance of website ranking resources on the internet these days, it’s hard to decide which ones to join.  Each time I see one of these sites, I join and see how I rank compared with the other members.  While many of these sites are nearly identical, I’ve found a new one that has several features that put it at the front of the pack.  PolitiPoll.com, formerly known as PolitiPoll.net, is an up-and-coming political web site ranking service that goes beyond the typical site ranker.  In addition to ranking websites based on daily unique visitor averages, PolitiPoll.com gives its users an opportunity to acquire a free ad on the pixel ad page, join the banner exchange, and place a useful hit counter on your very own website.  The pixel page opens your site up to potentially thousands of visitors looking for unique political content.  The special hit counter that displays your rank also displays your site’s unique visitors and your site’s average daily unique visitors.  The website is just now getting started, so join today to get a high ranking for your blog or website!

To visit PolitiPoll.com, click here.

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