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Poll of the Day: Did You Watch Tuesday’s Press Conference?

Alright, admittedly this is kind of a lame question.  However, I hadn’t asked it yet so I figured I needed to.  Did you watch the press conference on Tuesday?  And be honest.  There is CERTAINLY no shame in blowing the whole thing off.  I had it on in the background and got bits and peices, but it was just a bore.  Vote in the poll below to see how many others skipped on the big event!

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Obama: Capitalism Fails!

In a press conference yesterday Barack could be heard giving the Dems what they like to hear.  When he began talking about the economy and talked about the economic policies for the last 8 years (trickle-down economics, tax cuts, CAPITALISM, etc.) he stated, “Let me be clear, those ideas have been tested and they have failed.”  Ooooh right, because stimulus packages have such a great track record for helping out the economy and all.  I mean come on, really?  To say that tax cuts, capitalism, and trickle-down economics have been proven to fail compared with the fail that is a stimulus package is moronic.  COME ON BARACK.  The last stimulus package had the same effect of throwing a peice of iceburg lettuce at a building and expecting it to fall.  Nada.  The money is lost forever and the stimulus failed to stimulate anything except for false hope.

It’s fascinating revalations such as this one that really make me wonder about where we’re headed.  Putting more confidence in a stimulus than in the fundamentals of the country is one bizarre to look at things.  So what do you think?  Are bailouts the wave of the future?  Or are you with me in thinking that they should be formally banned?  Let your voice be heard by leaving a comment or sending an e-mail.  It just might be posted on the site!

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