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Thoughts From Around the Blogosphere: Reactions to President Obama’s Healthcare Address

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Hear’s what the blogosphere had to say about President Obama’s healthcare address:

The Conservative Republican Standard

This speech made by Obama was still riddled with holes, even though he did make some good points. Healthcare is broken, but this is not the way to fix it.

28th Amendment

Obama did a good job tonight of combating lies and explaining the truth behind this bill.  Let’s hope that some good will was generated on both sides of the aisle toward action on this issue.

The TV Swami

President Obama gets FIVE magic carpets out of FIVE.

Sourav Bhowmick 2.0

I believe, however, that his speech was not effective. Sadly, I think the American people are so jaded by Obama’s masterful rhetoric that his speeches don’t really mean anything anymore. I, perhaps because I’m a staunch supporter of his agenda, can laud the speech because its content was perfect, but it didn’t tell us anything new.

Deo Vindice

Watching the masterpiece political theater of a Presidential address to the joint Session of Congress, I was struck when I suddenly realized that the President and his two closest successors were sharing the TV frame.  President B. Hussein Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi shared one stage tonight for the whole healthcare show.   It was 3 Stooges on one stage.

Left on Lainer

If you have been reading this blog, I have been the most critical of the current healthcare reforms introduced in the House of Representatives; however, the President has made his case to this Bluedog Democrat

Thirteen O’Clock

So many things not to like, but the individual mandate is the most noxious of all. If the government can tax us simply for existing, there is nothing it cannot do.

Greg Scandlen, Heartland Institute

The President’s speech to a joint session of Congress failed to move the health reform ball closer to the goalposts.

Freedom Watch News

It was a pretty speech, but then, so are all of Obama’s speeches.  Pretty words can distract and subdue and that’s what we can’t afford right now.

Boudica BPI Weblog

His speech IMO was a huge waste of time shrouded in BS. Let them show us that they are capable of doing something right before they lead us into an even deeper chasm.

Spitfire Murphy

“Let me repeat this: nothing in our plan requires you to change what you have.”

Nothing requires you to change what you have.  But nothing is stopping your employer from dumping your plan and forcing you onto the public option.  Nothing but nuance, kids.

Everyone’s got an Opinion…

This is good, it’s about time that President Obama took the initiative to own the “choice” argument, when it comes to the public option.

Betsy’s Page

We’ll have to see. I’m not the audience for his speech. The audience was the Democrats in Congress. If he has convinced them, that’s game, set, and match.

jamilacrockett’s clarity for conversation (on Rep. Joe Wilson’s “That’s a lie!” outburst)

It’s disgraceful when any member of Congress shows dissension towards the President of the United States. That outburst was the most disrespectful and uneducated action ever.

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