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Come On, Barack! Well, at Least He’s a Liberal.

I suck like the Special Olympics, says Obama.

"I suck like the Special Olympics", says Obama.

Barack, Barack, Barack. What were you thinking? You can’t talk about how bad you were bowling and compare it to the Special Olympics; especially when you’re the president! I mean, I’m sure I’ve said worse, but you are the PRESIDENT. Geez. For those that missed this little debacle, while Barack was being a cool cat on Jay Leno (DID YOU KNOW HE WAS THE FIRST PRESIDENT EVER TO GO ON A LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW???), Jay brought up his lack of bowling skill. Barack said it was getting a little better but still sucked, and then compared his horribleness to the Special Olympics. I’m sure there were many expletives swirling about in his brain after that little slip, but he should rest easy because he’ll be fine. Why, you ask? Because he’s a liberal, of course! The only people that are going to ever know about this are the viewers of FOX News, listeners of talk radio, the people watching Leno, and people that read conservative blogs online. That’s probably, at the most, 15 million people that will have any idea he said that. Being a liberal nearly makes you impervious to media scrutiny, so he’s got no need to worry.  Oh and don’t forget the White House released that memo that said he didn’t mean to degrade the Special Olympics.  Oh ok, no problem then!  Come on, that’s like calling your mom a stupid fat cow, but then saying you didn’t mean it in a mean way.  How dumb does the White House think we are?  (Oh wait, we did elect the guy. :)).  So rather than hiding behind a White House Press Release, I demand that you, Barack Obama, apologize to America for belittling the Special Olympics.  We’re waiting.


Now I know that on numerous I’ve said America needs to toughen up and not get so offended about stuff, but I think this was over the line.  Making rude comments about physical disabilities is not in the realm of okayness.  And for those that like to e-mail me and say I’m just biased, I spoke out against Laura Ingraham’s comments on Meghan McCain’s weight earier this week.  No, I didn’t say as much about them, but those comments were not anywhere near as offensive.

Just imagine the outrage if Rush or Hannity or Coulter had said that! We’d never hear the end of it.  What do you think of Obama’s comments?  Were they completely ridiculous or do you think it was all in good humor?  Leave your comments below or send us an e-mail at theconservativejournal@gmail.com!

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SHOCKER: Obama Doesn’t Like Rush Limbaugh

Wow, apparently Obama is not a fan?

Wow, apparently Obama is not a fan?

In a conference today at the White House, Obama warned Republicans not to listen to Rush Limbaugh if they want to get anything done.  The exact quote was, “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and expect to get things done”.  According to a White House official the quote was an attempt to bring up a greater point about “unifying Republicans and Democrats”.  I, however, have this sneaking suspicion that the real reason he said that was because Rush royally dissed him during his Hannity interview a few nights ago.  (In case you missed it, Rush just said he hopes Obama is a failure.  I have a feeling Barack didn’t take that too well.)  What’s funny to me about this, is that Rush Limbaugh’s opinion doesn’t affect too many people.  At all.  I mean seriously, even I think the guys nuts.  The only people that listen to him for the “insight” are people that wanted Obama to fail well before Rush Limbaugh ever opened his mouth.  But what really bothers me is that if this is an issue of partisanism (Is that a word?) he needs to address both sides.  He needs to warn the liberals not listen to Keith Olbermann, because in my opinion he is just as bad, if not worse, than Rush Limbaugh.  But we know he will never do that, because Olbermann is on his side.  So really all that saying that did, if anything, was make the partisan divide that much larger.

What’s your opinion on this?  Do you think Obama should call an emergency press conference to warn the public to beware of Olbermann?  Send us your opinion this and it may be featured on the site!

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