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September 23rd News Bits and Pieces: Mackenzie Phillips, ACORN, Swine Flu, and Michael Jackson

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Giant Squid Found in Gulf, Oregon

Gah, that thing is huge!  I wish there were more people in the private sector who were willing to search for creatures as fascinating as the giant squid.  If I had unlimited money, I’d be sure and set apart a good portion of it to search for bizarre creatures like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot.

Palin Knocks Fed in Hong Kong Speech

I’m glad to hear that those who got to see the speech felt like she at least knew what she was talking about.  My rational mind is telling me otherwise, but I just want to believe that Sarah Palin is still a viable candidate for the presidency.  I’m sure I’ll take flack for this from the more center-left-of-center readers (if there are any), but I do think she’d be a great president if she spent a few years in the senate getting more familiar with foreign affairs and the technicalities of the office of the presidency.  But then again, I’m overly optimistic.

ACORN Sues Filmmakers

I sure hope this lawsuit proves unsuccessful because then I’ll lose all faith in our government.  I figured ACORN would pursue the lawsuit, but I’m just hoping the judge it appears before has enough sense to send it back out the door.

CNN’s Gupta Gets H1N1 Flu in Afghanistan

Someone forget to cough into his arm rather than his hand!


Mackenzie Phillips Reveals She Slept With Her Own Father

This really is a shame.  It’s hard to imagine that someone could get so into drugs that she has a 10 year affair with her father.  I wish Mackenzie the best and hope that hopefully she’s cleaned up her act.  If I’m remembering correctly she had a very interesting singing voice, and I hope she hasn’t totally lost it.

New Michael Jackson Single, ‘This Is It,’ Out On October 12

I don’t really know how I feel about a song being released after the artists death.  Chances are I won’t like the song anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

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