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Pointless Post of the Day: The Dionne Quintuplets

The Dionne Quintuplets were the first set of quintuplets to survivce past infancy.  They are also the only set ever recorded that consists of all indentical females.

When the Dionne Quintuplets were born 75 years ago, the mother of the children didn’t know she was expecting more than one child.  The babies were all delivered at home, 2 months premature, by Dr. Allan Dafoe.  Dr. Dafoe did not expect the babies or the mother to live much longer after the birth.  The mother had gone into shock, but did recover the next day.  The babies were under constant care and because of it, they all survived.

Four months after the birth, the government Ontario took the children from the parents because it felt they were unfit to care for 10 children, as the Dionne’s had 5 kids prior to the quintuplets.  Under their new government care, a nursery was built for their enjoyment.  The government of Ontario realized that there was much interest in the children, so they decided to make a profit.  It’s estimated that over 3 million poeple paid to visit the Dionne children in their nursery from 1936 to 1943.  The children also starred in four films; The Country Doctor, Reunion, Five of a Kind, and Quinupland.

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