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AMA 2009: Carrie Underwood, Lady GaGa, Kelly Clarkson Continue to Impress

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Since I had nothing else to do tonight, I decided I’d watch the AMA’s.  That show made me realize just how well-done the CMA’s.  Anyway, this year’s AMA’s came across as more of a concert series than an awards show, since awards were given out in the 5 second transitions between performers.  Here are the highlights (and lowlights):


  • Carrie Underwood delivered another knock-out performance of “Cowboy Casanova,” this time with even more dancers.  The vocals for this one were spot-on.  This was probably the best overall performance she’s given of this song so far.  The general mediocrity of the majority of the other performers made her look even better than she did on her own merit.
  • Kelly Clarkson gave an outstanding rendition of “Already Gone” without all of the bells and whistles of the studio version.  She reminds us all that she’s still got it, despite less-than-stellar live performances in the past few years (see, “Never Again” live on AI).
  • The one and only Lady Gaga convinced me to look at her new album, The Fame Monster (in stores tomorrow), after wowing in her performance of “Bad Romance”/”Speechless.”  I’m thinking “Bad Romance” may have been at the very least partially lip-synced, but “Speechless” was the real deal and it was great.  Not to mention Gaga is incredibly entertaining.
  • Alicia Keys shined during her two performances, both of which made up for her disappointingly bland lead-off single from her latest album.


  • The Black Eyed Peas performed an unrecognizable medley of their latest hits because apparently they’ve spent half a year at #1?  On what chart?  Regardless, that’s a huge accomplishment.  And while the whole performance came together as a bunch of noise and lights, Fergie still showed everyone that she can and does sing quite well.  If only we could hook her up with another gig singing Heart covers (see, Idol Gives Back).
  • Former Idol-contestant Chris Daughtry performed his latest single “Life After You.”  I can’t fault the vocals, but I can say it was incredibly boring and unmemorable.  It’s only been an hour since I watched and I have no idea what the song sounded like.
  • Life-long divas Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston delivered good performances (in comparison to their “norm”) and Houston was honored with some international award accomplishment.  I’m glad she’s trying to turn things around.

The Bad

  • Janet Jackson got the first ten minutes of the show to lip-sync and dance around sporadically.  Could’ve used that ten minutes to allow the latest American Idol Kris Allen winner and the immensely talented teen star Demi Lovato to perform instead of reducing them to lowly presenters.
  • Perez Hilton was in attendance and was allowed to speak.
  • Taylor Swift once again sweeped all of her categories and gave acceptance speeches “live” from the UK.  Doubt it.  They were obviously pre-taped and Taylor acted surprised the whole time.  I don’t really think MJ deserved “Artist of the Year” more, but I certainly don’t think he deserved it less.  Gaga should have won it.
  • Green Day cracks and squeels through “21 Guns,” causing me to wonder if and why people still listen to that crap.
  • And finally, the worst part of the night was Adam Lambert’s atrocious and over-hyped show closing performance of “For Your Entertainment.”  Suggestive dance moves aside, the vocals were terrible.  He sounded like 40’s-era versions of Mortimer Mouse (Mickey’s cousin or whatever) on helium.  Not to mention he fell and then made out with some ambiguously gendered keyboarder midway through.  I just ask that I not be subjected to gay porn while I’m trying to eat a bowl of mini-wheats.  Thank you.

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