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Jim Cramer: Why Couldn’t You Just Have Laughed??

Cramers media tour ended with a thud on The Daily Show.

Cramer's media tour ended with a thud on The Daily Show.

When someone makes a “yo mamma” joke, what is an acceptable response?  Laugh, and throw one right back.  You do not, however, e-mail your local news station, alert the authorities, go on every morning show in the country, and then tell your mother in order to save face.  While this whole scenario sounds out there, that’s basically what Jim Cramer did this past week.  Most know the story, but if not here’s a little background:

Jon Stewart made a little montage of CNBC Fails as a response to Rick Santelli’s rant the other day.  Some of the clips featured clips of Jim Cramer that were obviously plucked from various shows and grouped together to sound as bad as possible.  Instead of Cramer laughing at the little spectacle, he got upset and pitched a fit.  I think it was obvious the clips were cut to sound as bad as possible, and Stewart even willingly admitted that.  But Jim just couldn’t stand the humiliation.  He then went on a media tour that outdid even Rod Blagojevich’s media sprint earlier this year, make the whole situation much, much bigger of a deal.  Jon Stewart responded by running a special solely about Cramer, which resulted in Cramer’s attending the The Daily Show to have a little chat with Stewart.  Well that was also a FAIL because he was schooled and just looked like a fool.  So that’s where this little fued is now.

This whole event makes me embarrassed for Cramer; the clips on The Daily Show were funny and his media tour was over-dramatic and verging on pitiful.  I wish he would have handled everything better because I’m a Cramer fan, and I can’t stand Jon Stewart; I hate to see him actually win this whole little battle.  Unfortunately he won, fair and square.  What I don’t understand is why Jim made such a huge deal.  That’s what Jon Stewart gets paid to do:  read funny things off a teleprompter so everyone can have a good laugh.  Cramer needs to stick to the stock market, and make an effort to perfect that skill.  Now’s a great time for him to strike up some new support; he’s going to have numerous oppurtunities over the next few months to call the stocks and allow his followers to make quite a lot of money as we pull out of the recession.  And in the end, there’s no reason to get worked up about that kind of stuff because what is freaking out going to do?  Absolutely nothing.

What do you think of this fued?  How bad do you feel for Cramer after his day of humiliation on Thursday?  And finally, vote in today’s Poll of the Day about whose side of the fued you’re on!  Leave your comments below or e-mail us at theconservativejournal@gmail.com.

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