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The Conservative Republican Standard: Check This Out!

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The blogging tool that I can’t quit talking, Alpha Inventions, is not only good for boosting your readership.  It can also introduce you to a plethora (Word of the Day) of blogs organized by subject matter.  So when I was submitting my site to the cycle earlier, I decided to take some time to flip through the blogs.  One blog I discovered is The Conservative Republican Standard written by Jerry Hosey.

According to Jerry’s “About” page, he’s currently in college getting his degree in Political Science degree at Florida State University.  The blog, though mostly about conservative politics (WOO!), covers a variety of topics.  Jerry runs several blog mini-series ranging from “The Congressional File” and “Flashback” (Similar to “This Day in History” on TCJ) to series about FSU sports and news.  The Conservative Republican Standard is updated often, so you can usually expect to go back and find something new.  I definitely recommend you “Check This Out!”

To visit The Conservative Republican Standard, click here.

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