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The Blame Game: Inside the Many False Claims About Sarah Palin


Shes still our favorite maverick!

She's still our favorite maverick!

Obviously the people on the McCain campaign are upset.  I’m upset.  A lot of people are upset.  But the anonymouse complaints about her are simply ridiculous.  First off, when you announce things anonymously, the statements automatically lose some credibility, especially after the campaign is over.  Secondly, what they are claiming is outrageous.  Here is what is being claimed, in short:

  1. She answered her hotel room door in a towel.
  2. She didn’t South Africa was a country.
  3. She didn’t know the countries that participate in NAFTA.
  4. She often “went rogue” on the campaign staff and ignored their requests.
  5. And that she often threw temper tantrums when things got difficult.

Sarah Palin has since spoken on the matters, which was a good move on her part.  She didn’t just do the political norm and skirt the issue either, she full-out confronted it.  She took each individual issue and gave what really happened.  She said the towel story was an out-right lie.  She then said the only time NAFTA or South Africa ever came up was in debate prep, and that she knew who participated in NAFTA and what South Africa was.  (I’ve come to the conclusion that in debate prep, something about South Africa came up and Sarah probably asked if they were referring to the southern portion of Africa, or South Africa.  Then the anonymous source stretched it to what it is today.)  Then she covered the “going rogue” remarks.  Let me start off by saying, if I was Sarah Palin I would have gone rogue too.  Their handling of her was terrible.  But anyway, she said that that may have come from her disagreeing with the campaign’s decision to pull out of Michigan, but she says she never directly went against the will of the campagin.  Lastly, common sense shows that she more than likely never threw big hissy fits.  The woman’s been in a high position before, she can deal with stress.  Plus, up until these claims came out, everything we’ve heard about her attitude on the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive.  There have been zero reports (before the anonymous source) of her ever getting upset or over stressed when dealing with a lot.

I think all this amounts to is just the casting of blame.  They lost the election and want to shift the focus from their attempts to someone else, but the sad thing is, it’s not going to work.  The people love Sarah Palin.  I think she will be around for many years to come.

Also, just a side note, she was cleared from any wrong-doing in the Troopergate Probe.  Looks like she is still a maverick after all!

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