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Alpha Inventions: Check This Out!

Incredible site to see the latest and updated blogs and increase your own blog traffic!

Incredible site to see the latest and updated blogs and increase your own blog traffic!

Last night, after I wrote my article about the scam that is global warming, I noticed the traffic counter on the site shoot up by 20 views in a matter of 10 mintues.  Seeing that is fairly late at night, and I almost never get that many views that late, I checked for the source.  On my Stats page, I found that all of this views were being directed here by something I’d never heard of:  alphainventions.com.  Of course I had to check it out, and was fascinated with the discovery.  This website, Alpha Inventions, posts blogs in real-time, as they are updated, for all of the viewers to see.  It’s great for the reader to kill time and be exposed to new blogs at a rapid pace, but also extremely beneficial for blog writers trying to get new sites going.  Last night, for example, I received 46 unique page views from Alpha Inventions in less than an hour and a half.

The site not only flashes recently updated blogs across the screen, but also has an option to submit a blog for admition into the reading cycle.  Although the blog is eventually knocked out of the cycle, a considerable amount of views are received in a short time for free.  In my case, my site received 46 views before knocked out of the cycle.  Alpha Inventions is an extremely useful tool that definitely deserves a visit.  I encourage everyone to check it out today!

To visit Alpha Inventions, click here.

To read more about Alpha Inventions at its WordPress blog, click here.

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