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Poll of the Day: Who Do You Think Changed the Wikipedia Page?

That’s right, we’ve come to the end of our quest to find the conspirator of WikiGate.  Of the 5 suspects (Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Al Gore, Joy Behar, and Michael Moore) who do you think edited Barack’s Wikipedia page to eliminate some shadier details of his past?  Review over the evidence and vote in the poll below to decide who you think is the head conspirator!

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Suspect #5: Michael Moore

Like hes got anything better to do than edit Wikipedia.

Like he's got anything better to do than edit Wikipedia.

Perhaps the most disgusting sleeze-bag liberal there is (and there are many) Michael Moore could definitely be the culprit of the WikiGate Conspiracy.  Look at the evidence below and decide for youself:

The Evidence

Regardless of whether or not Michael Moore is a registered Democrat or not, he is as liberal as they come.  Also, he was a “large” (Hehe) supporter of Barack Obama during the campaign, but only because Nader wasn’t running.  We also know that unlike many of the others who are in the running for “Conspirator of WikiGate”, Michael has the most time on his hands.  He just looks like the kind of guy that would lurk around on the internet and read various nonsense on Wikipedia.  Heck, I bet he’s written 96% of all of Wikipedia.  Similarly, now that Bush is out of office he has no one to make a documentary about, and this provides plenty of inspiration for  a riveting little production.  Can’t you just imagine the sleeze doing something secretively just so he can make a documentary about it?  It’s a recession, he’ll take what he can get.


Here’s the kicker:  while his evidence is mostly just assumptions our team of crack investigators made, he doesn’t have an alibi or much evidence against him.  We failed to find one contradictory clue in all of our investigation, which leaves MM on top of our list of possible conspirators.

What do you think of Michael Moore as a suspect?  Will the WikiGate scandal be the subject of one of his straight-to-dvd documentaries?  Leave your comments below or e-mail us at theconservativejournal.wordpress.com with your opinion!  And don’t forget to check back in next week to vote on who you think the conspirator of WikiGate was.

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Suspect #4: Joy Behar



Surprise, surprise; you weren’t expecting this libtard to join the prestigious ranks of WikiGate conspirators, were you?  Well, this annoyingly opinionated View host made the list due to several obvious pieces of evidence.  Read the information below and decide how she stacks up compared to Pelosi, Reid, and Gore on the guilt-o-meter.

The Evidence

Joy Behar is one of the single most annoying people on the planet.  She is a mindless liberal, has no real views on anything, and just goes along with whatever is cool at the moment.  I bet she doesn’t even know B.O.’s views on ONE political issue, which makes her perfect candidate to change the Wikipedia entry.  She is a blind follower of the Chosen One and would go to great lengths to score some brownie points with his majesty.  We also found this smoking gun; an anonymous tip in our e-mail inbox.  Here’s an exerptz:

There is a girl on The View, you know that amazing show, who is just incredible.  I can’t remember her name though.  But she is the most gorgeous person ever.  She has redish hair and a really strong accent that is great.  She has the most best opinion on everything and knows everything you could possible imagine about politics and every other article of knowledge in the entire globe.  I think she might have changed the entry to make Barack notice her.  Do you think he reads The Conservative Journal?


Auburn Beauty

We conclude from that e-mail that “Auburn Beauty” is Joy Behar trying to let Barack know that she changed it.  Joy is an attention whore and just wants to be noticed by King Barack, so she went as low as to out herself on this blog?  Come on, Joy.  REALLY?!


Joy is very busy coming up with gossip and lies for The View and reading liberal blogs in order to form an opinion, as she is not capable of coming up with her own.  This leaves little time for reading Wikipedia pages, even if it is for Golden Boy.  The time constraints could potentially hold her back, but the evidence is quite profound.

In Conclusion…

Behar is an active member of the “Tongue Bath 4 Obama” posse, and her desire to get his attention would definitely push her far enough to change the entry.  However, most of her CPUs are used up inventing bull crap for The View, leaving little time to casually surf the web.  Don’t forget to leave comments below and subscribe to our RSS Feed so you don’t miss any of the latest WikiGate updates!  And remember, you have the final say next week when you vote on the conspirator of WikiGate!

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WikiGate: Who Did It?!

Barack taking a peak outisde of WikiWorld

Barack taking a peak outisde of WikiWorld

Ahh, Wikipedia.  The source of knowledge for the common man.  A place where all walks of life can gather to read information with no factual backing whatsoever.  But it’s ok because everyone uses it, so we’re all wrong together.  UNTIL NOW.  Apparently, someone close to Big O (or perhaps O himself) realized that Wikipedia is not in fact a real encyclopedia, but rather users edit and submit content to the site.   And as they were browsing Barack’s page to see if he truly is a U.S. citizen, they discovered something blasphemous: a scandalous entry hidden in the section regarding Barack’s “Personal Life”.  Under the heading, three paragraphs down was the defamatory sentence:

Barack Obama attended Trinity United Chruch of Christ, led by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Gadzooks!  However shocking that may be to you, the sentence that follows is even more shocking:

Some right-wing fringe groups even believe that Mr. Obama was associated with esteemed professor, William Ayers.

The fact the author of that Wikipedia post called Ayers “esteemed” and claimed only “fringe groups” believed that aside, can you believe someone had the nerve to post these truthful degrading statements about the messiah??  Didn’t they get the memo that the teflon-pan-man is not allowed to have anything negative about him in the public eye??  Well, never fear America, some unknown saint swooped in and saved the day by deleted both of the slanderous statements, leaving Hussein’s Wikipedia without a single blemish.  But who, America, could it have been that saved the country from iminent demise by replacing the buffet of truth with a big ole glass of the Kool-Aid?  That is why I’m here, to divulge into the bowels (hehe) of the internet and find the great and mighty one; the one that picked the sliver peice of burnt cheese off of the pristine cookware; the one that pressure washed the turd off of the brick patio;  the one that saved the day.

The Suspects

We entered the bowels of the internet and have made our way into the small intestine.  Our team of researchers has uncovered clues that have provided us with evidence pointing to 5 suspects at this point.  Some are expected, some are virtual unknowns.  In the end, only one will be named the conspiratory of WikiGate.

Every night, sometime between the hourse of 6 and 9 PM Central Standard Time, one suspect will be released.  You will be given all the details on the suspect.  Once you have been presented the evidence, a special poll will be held to see who America thinks is the mastermind of WikiGate, which I would call the biggest scandal of all time.

Hope everyone is ready, it’s going to ground-breaking.

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