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Pointless Post of the Day: William W. Dixon

I’m back today!  I had a great trip to see the family for Memorial Day weekend.  I hope every one had a great holiday as well and is enjoying what is more than likely your first day back at work after a long weekend.  Woo.

William W. Dixon was a U.S. Representative for Montana for 2 years between March, 1891, and March, 1893.  Dixon was originally from Brooklyn, New York, though he left there at a young age and never returned.  When Dixon was old enough, he attended law school Keokuk, Iowa, and was admitted to the bar in 1858.  He then moved to Tennessee in 1860, then to Arkansas a few short months later.  He then moved to California for a very short time before moving to Nevada for a little over 3 years.  In 1866 he moved to Helena Montana, where he resided until 1879.  He then temporarily moved to Black Hills, but returned to Montana in 1881 and practiced law in Butte.  In 1891 he was elected as a Democrat to serve  in Congress.  In 1893, however, he failed to be re-elected.  He then practiced law until retiring to Los Angeles, California, where he lived until his death in 1910.  Even after his death Dixon couldn’t stay settled.  His casket was moved 3 times after his death.

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