Video of the Day: Kris Allen “Heartless” American Idol Performance of the Night

My favorite performance of the night tonight was…

“Heartless” by Kris Allen.  Here’s the video:

UPDATE: As usual, Freemantle Media (The people behind Idol) removed all the actually video of the performances, but there is still audio available for the time being.  The live audio is below.

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9 responses to “Video of the Day: Kris Allen “Heartless” American Idol Performance of the Night

  1. Darla Dunkin

    I loved it…right off the bat! I don’t listen to rap and was surprised to find out after I heard Chris sing that it was a rap song! Chris did an amazing job and is really quality material. I hope he wins tonight over either of the other two.

    • I know, I’m not a big fan of rap either, but I had heard the original rap version. Kris’s version was FAR superior to the original, but then again, as I said, I am not a rap music fan. I agree, he’s my favorite left.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope to see you again.


  2. Liliana

    This song has been in my head all day long. Hope Chris makes it to the finals and beats the other person. He is very well deserving of this competition. Danny is my second favorite.

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  4. I like Adam but don’t think it’s fair that he is an experienced professional

    • I don’t have a problem with prior experience on American Idol. I think that it does give experienced contestants an advantage, but I don’t think it’s any grounds for removal from the show. Everyone deserves a second chance!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Hope to see you again.


  5. ernie

    I was in awe from the beginning until he finished the song… that was really really great. can’t get enough of it…

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