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Post great material and you may be featured here!

Post great material and you may be featured here!

Here we exhibit the winners of the weekly “Check This Out!” Award.  If you have a site you think is worthy of this award, post it here or send us an e-mail at  Visit these sites today and see exactly why they’re featured on this prestigious page!

Week ending 2/7/09- Stimulus Watch

This site is home to a complete listing of exactly what our tax dollars are going to in the huge stimulus package.  It’s fascinating to read just how much the government believes will stimulate the economy.  Check it out today by clicking here.

Week ending 2/14/09- Alpha Inventions

Alpha Inventions is every bloggers dream:  FREE promotion!  Alpha Inventions posts blogs in real-time as they are updated, which increases exposure and popularity of your material.  Not only that, but you can submit your blog to the site where it will be placed into the viewing rotation automatically.  Since discovering Alpha Invetions one week ago, my site has received over 1,000 hits directly from that site.  Alpha Inventions is a must for any up and coming blogger.  Check it today by clicking here.

Week ending 2/21/09- OBAMeter at PolitiFact

The OBAMeter at PolitiFact is quite possible one of the most useful political internet resources.  The Meter tracks 510 (and rising) of the Chosen One’s many promises and shows what action he takes on each one.  Check out the OBAMeter today to see just how truthful our dear Prez is!  Visit The Meter by clicking here.

Week ending 3/7/09- Impeach Pelosi

If Americans can agree on one thing, it’s that Nancy Pelosi is a nut.  Visit this site today to sign a petition to have her impeached, as well as browse many interesting material on the Nancy herself.  Check out the site and sign the petition by clicking here.

Week ending 3/14/09- Broken Country

Times are tough, but the best thing for us all is a little bit of humor to get through the day. provides the perfect balance of knee-slapping humor and actual political commentary.  The first article I read at this site kept me laughing for a good 15 solid minutes.  This is a daily read for me, and should certainly be added to your list of must sees!  For the full review, click here.  Check out the site by clicking here.

Week ending 3/21/09- Recovery Countdown

If you are one of the 47% of Americans that didn’t vote for Obama, or one of the those that regret their vote, Recovery Countdown is the site for you.  Recovery Countdown is the ultimate online resource for links, articles, and news to, as they put it, “help you play an active role in shaping the outcome of the 2010 general election”.  To view the full review, click here.  To visit Recovery Countdown, click here.

Week ending 3/28/09- The Inquiring Mind

The Inquiring Mind is a great website for a look at America from the outside.  The writer of the blog lives in New Zealand and is pretty close to the center on the politics meter, making his opinion even less biased.  The Inquiring Mind is a great read for anyone looking for an unbiased opinion of American politics, as well as politics abroad.  To read the full review, click here.  To visit The Inquiring Mind, click here.

Week ending 4/4/09- Conservative Blogs Central

With the number of conservative blogs constantly increasing, it’s hard to remain updated.  Conservative Blogs Central, however, makes keeping everything straight much easier.  The site features embedded RSS Feeds of many great conservative blogs so you never miss a beat.  The site also posted the latest news in the form of YouTube videos, and allows bloggers to submit their blogs to the site.  If your looking for a new conservative blog to read, check this out!  To read the full review, click here.  To visit Conservative Blogs Central, click here.

Week ending 4/11/o9- PolitiPoll Site Rankings

PolitiPoll is the latest political site ranking resource, and currently my personal favorite.  PolitiPoll goes beyond a free site ranking service by including special features such as a free ad on the “pixel ad page“, free admission into the banner exchange, and a more elaborate logo on your site that features the number of hits, average hits, and your overal rank.  PolitiPoll is own it’s way to be one of the premier site ranking services.  If you are a blogger, or just want to check out the best in political blogs, check this out!  To read the full review, click here.  To visit, click here.

Week ending 4/18/09- Big Chatter

For the latest on news, sports, politics, celebrity, tv and more visit!  The Big Chatter Blog covers all the biggest stories of the day with the author’s opinion added in.  The posts are well very well written, and there are always plenty of people commenting on the posts, allowing for real discussion on nearly every article.  Big Chatter is a daily read for me, and I encourage you to stop by too!  If you want to read interesting commentary on the biggest news, check this out!  To read the full review, click here.  To visit Big Chatter, click here.

Week ending 4/25/09- A Different Kind of Blog

A Different Kind of Blog is written by several bloggers with varying views on the issues.  The writers include a centrist, two conservative Christians, a neutral realist, a liberal, an athiest, and of course a liberal Christian.  Not only do the abundance of writers make the site often-updated, but it also allows a lot of debate to take place.  In fact, there is a page designated where the writers and commentors can engage is some intense discussion.  If you are looking for a place to get the story from each point on the political spectrum, check this out!  To read the full review, click here.  To visit A Different Kind of Blog, click here.

Week ending 5/16/09- The Hot Joints

The Hot Joints is a great resource to see the latest political news and opinion all in one place.  If it’s news, you can more than likely find it at The Hot Joints.  Everytime I visit I find a new article of news on display.  Definitely a must read that I greatly enjoy each and every time I visit!  To read the full review, click here.  To visit The Hot Joints, click here.

Week ending 8/29/09- The Conservative Republican Standard

The Conservative Republican Standard is written by a Political Science major at Florida State University, so naturally he knows what he’s talking about.  Visit this blog to find many recurring series and the latest on 2010 mid-terms.  Those living in Florida or interested about Florida politics will find the site even more useful.  To read the full review, click here.  To visit the site, click here.

Week ending 9/5/09- allows you to submit your blog into a continuous shuffle of blogs, leading to an increase in traffic.  While the traffic numbers don’t really rival those of Alpha Inventions, has its benefits.  For starters, Blogsurfer is extremely stable and has a very precise feel.  Blogsurfer displays a timer in the top left corner that displays how many more seconds until the next blog will appear.  This is extremely useful in assuring yourself that you have enough time to bookmark blogs you are interesting.  I can usually get about 10 unique visitors each time I submit my site, which is totally worth the few seconds it takes to submit.  If you’re a blogger, or looking for interesting blogs, check this out!  To read the full review, click here.  To visit the site, click here.

Week ending 9/12/09-

Andrew Breitbart opened up his latest venture,, by releasing the tapes of the ACORN controversy stright to the site.  A pretty good way to make an entrance, huh? has since been the hub for news on the ACORN scandal, causing the site to explode onto the blogosphere.  The site features about 10 contributors as of now, and seems to me like it will be more conservative version of the Huffington Post, which was also primarily created by Andrew Breitbart.  To read the full review, click here.  To check out, click here.

Week ending 9/19/09-

With the constant flow of news all day every day, it’s hard to keep track of every breaking story and blog article that you’d like to read.  Thankfully, all this confusion is made easier by BarryFail, a website that organzies the best blogs and articles about politics all in one place.  To read the full review, click here.  To visit BarryFail, click here.

Week ending 11/21/09-

Majority in Mississippi is a great political blog that covers political, with a focus on politics inside Mississippi.  I’m not a resident of MS, though I do have family in various areas of the state.  As a non-resident, I check Majority in MS often to get the latest on politics in the state.  Additionally, the author of the blog also writes a sports-themed branch of Majority in Mississippi called Majority Sports.  This blog is definitely a great read.  Be sure to check this out today!  To read the full review, click here.  To visit Majority in Mississippi, click here.

Week ending 7/24/10-

Giveaway Scout remains one of the most comprehensive blog giveaway listings on the internet by combing the blogosphere and scanning and blogs for the latest giveaways and contests.  Each giveaway is divided into categories, including everything from cooking and home & garden, to books and gadgets.  Joining Giveaway Scout gives you access to a daily newsletter that includes all of the latest giveaways from around the internet.  If you like internet giveaways, then check this out!  To visit Giveaway Scout, click here.  To read the full review, click here.

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27 responses to “Top Sites

  1. Hey cool site, good job spreading the word… do you think you could alert your readers to We’re trying to build momentum to get her out… we’ve got a petition if you could urge people to sign it it would be awesome! thanks.

  2. I’d be more than happy to help have her removed from power! In order to do my part, I’ll award the weekly “Check This Out” Award to your site. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. adamsmith1922

    Can I be cheeky and nominate my site for an overseas view of some of these issues.

    I write on politics generally, New Zealand issues and other things that take my fancy.

    have had a long term interest in US politics especially since doing a lot of work in the US in the 1980s

    Found your site through

    • Haha sure, I appreciate the nomination. And yes, I think it would be interesting to see how someone outside the U.S. views our situation.

      I’ll be adding you to the list. Be sure and come back Wednesday with the full post review.

  4. Joel Lightly

    So you want to impeach Pelosi because you don’t agree with her legislation? That doesn’t make any sense. Talk to voters in her district about voting her out. Impeachment is for criminals.

    • Joel, I would find it very hard to believe that anyone would find this to be a serious effort to remove her. The people at Impeach Pelosi can correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know this is more of a representation of our disdain for Pelosi than an actual attempt to have her impeached. Surely you knew that.

      Thanks for commenting! Hope to see you back.


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  8. huntingnasrallah

    I like the way you have set up this page. It is a new spin on a common everyday blogroll.

    When you get a chance, take a look at my site

    Since my site is based on reason, the conservative world should enjoy the fact that I am working on a concept I call “Obama’s Dhimmipolitik” in which I show his utter submission to Islam on every level.

    Gary H. Johnson, Jr.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I enjoy getting to explore new sites and let everyone else know about them.

      I like your site, too. It’s very nice. I’d love to feature it on my site. I’m going to see if I already have something selected for tomorrow’s Check This Out award, and if not I will feature your blog.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. And keep up the good work at your site. Hope to see you again.


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  16. I really enjoyed the links to Hot Joints and Big Chatter, those are informative sites that I’ve additionally bookmarked to keep me updated on the latest & greatest.
    I loved the Impeach Pelosi site, that photo of her is enough to warrant a valid impeachment petition in itself. ROTFLMAO


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  18. Hi Rick,

    A little shameless self promotion, but would you consider adding our site, specifically our national debt project.

    It’s important to us that we try and get as many people as possible active in the debate over our fiscal security.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Hey Ryan,

      Sorry I’ve been so slow with a response, I just saw you’re comment! I admire what you’re doing and I totally agree that everyone needs to be actively involved and up-to-speed with American politics. We’d be happy to do a write up of your site and it to the Top Sites page!

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a link!


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  21. Thank you for the great top sites page – you always keep me on top of what’s going on

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