Video of the Day: Carrie Underwood Singing “Temporary Home” on Conan

On Monday’s edition of the Tonight Show, Carrie Underwood performed her next single, “Temporary Home.”  Carrie continues to amaze live with her consistent voice and remains one of the few artists in music who sound better LIVE than on recording.  Watch the full performance below:

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8 responses to “Video of the Day: Carrie Underwood Singing “Temporary Home” on Conan

  1. Eloyne

    I am speechless! Temporary Home and Carrie Underwood’s performance is breathtaking. She is an amazingly talented artist.

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  3. robin ann hunt

    I am so happy that this track has reached radio and television. It is one of the best tracks on Carrie’s new album, Play On. You have to listen to the full song to get it’s true meaning. It talks about a future that will turn out fine. The little boy will find a home. The mother in the halfway house will persevere to make a new start and the old man is really going to a better place. It is a song of hope. Many reviewers have said the song is about homelessness. Shame on them.

    • Thanks for the comment, Robin. I agree, Temporary Home even manages to stand out on a CD that is filled with wonderful music. And I agree, shame on anyone who is too close minded or too ignorant to understand the meaning of the song.

      Thanks for the great comment, hope to see you again!


  4. Your review was spot on. Ms. Underwood has written a beautiful song and her performance is powerful.

    • Thanks for the comment and the compliments Linda. The song is wonderful and Carrie should be incredibly proud of it. She’s truly outdone herself.

      Thanks for the comment, hope to see you again!


  5. This girl has the most beautiful vocals I have ever heard. The heartfelt delivery had me in tears. Beautiful song and beautiful girl.

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