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This Day in History, May 29th: Ronald Reagan, The Hoover Dam, and Melissa Etheridge

May 29th

  • 1790- Rhode Island finally gets around to ratifying the Constituition, and is admitted as the 13th U.S. state.
  • 1848- Wisconsin becomes the 30th U.S. state.
  • 1886- Coke (the drink) is advertised for the first time in the Atlanta Journal.
  • 1935- The Hoover Dam is completed.
  • 1988- Ronald Reagan makes his first trip to Soviet Union.
  • 1999- Space Shuttle Discovery completes its first docking with the International Space Station.
  • 2004- The World War II Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C.

Birthday Shoutouts

The Conservative Journal wishes a happy birthday to..

  • American rock singer Melissa Etheridge, 48.
  • Blair from The Facts of Life, Lisa Whelchel, 46.
  • Former American Idol contestant and plus-sized model Joanne Borgella, 27.

Happy International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers everyone!

To those of you that worship uner the Bahá’í Faith (Rainn Wilson/Dwight Schrute), happy Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh!

To those in Nepal, happy Republic Day!

Nigerians, happy Democracy Day!

And finally, Rhode Islanders and Wisonsinonians, happy Statehood Day!

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This Day in History: Mexico, JFK, and Paper Mario

May 19th

  • 1780- Thick smoke and heavy cloud cover cause complete darkness to befall New England and Canada.  It was big Colonial-style blackout.
  • 1848- Mexico officiates the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which gives us California, Nevada, Utah and parts of four other modern-day states.  This ends the Mexican-American War, and all for less than $15 million out of our vault.
  • 1921- Congress passes the Emergency Quota Act, which for the first time sets a limit on the volume of national immigration.
  • 1962- Marilyn Monroe performs her infamous rendition of “Happy Birthday” for then President John F. Kennedy.
  • 1991- Croatia becomes an independent nation.

Birthday Shoutouts

The Conservative Journal wishes a happy birthday to…

  • former NFL football star Archie Manning, 60.
  • AC/DC drumer Phil Rudd, 55.
  • the voice of “Goombella” from the game Paper Mario Kelly Sheridan, 32.

Only the very rich and famous get a shout out from us.

In Memory of..

  • author Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1864.
  • former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, 1994.

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DUmmies Exposed: Bipartisanship Means Follow Barack

Democratic DUmmies from the DUmp

I found this in the DUmmy thread over at Conservative Underground.  In the eyes of this moonbat, bipartisanship cooperation means meeting the Democrats “halfway” at 70-30, meaning 70% what the Dems want and 30% what Republicans want.  When people seriously think that is the case, there is real problem.  Here is the original post, though vulgarities have been edited for this site:

The Republicans need to understand what bipartisanship means in the Age of Obama.
Edited on Mon Apr-27-09 05:29 PM by Drunken Irishman
It’s not the middle. The American people have rebuked the Republican ideology in two elections now and don’t want to go back to it for the foreseeable future. So when Eric Cantor and others talk about bipartisanship, they must realize the ideological shift that accompanied this country with the election of the Democrats in 2006 and Pres. Obama in 2008.

That means bipartisanship begins left of center. Obama’s stimuls is what the American people voted for, not the same old failed policies of the Bush era. If they want to compromise with Pres. Obama, they have got to realize that compromise comes on his terms, not theirs. That’s what the American people want and that’s what they’re going to get, no matter how much Republicans complain.

So sorry, Mr. Cantor, bipartisanship means you actually have to meet the President at no worse than 70-30, because that’s the political climate facing this country. If you can’t accept that, then maybe you should find out why the American people continue to reject Republican ideals and fix it to the point where you can get back into power.

And if you can’t do that, then just sit down and shut the f*** up.

Here’s another “open-minded” liberal:

1. They have two options
1. Negotiate from a position of weakness and get whatever they can scratch out
2. Be shut out of the process altogether.

That’s one of my favorite hypocracies fromt he left; that they are the “open-minded” political.  Their open-mindedness stops at the party line.  Here’s yet another:

4. And that’s why the Republicans are out of power.
They’re tone deaf, I swear.

Americans have buried Reagan and all he stood for with the election of Barack Obama.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe they can’t get over that Obama killed their hero.

haha, I love it!

That would make more sense if the election results were split 70/30, but thankfully they were not.  Bipartisan cooperation is an equal effort on both sides, or at least something a lot closer than 70/30.  I’m sure that in a few years when Republicans are back in power as the Democrats are now these people’s views will be much, much different.

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TCJ Honorary Plaque of Fail: Recognizing the Excellent Failures That Color Our Lives

Because the world is full of interesting failures, we must have an award to honor those that exhibit exceptional fails.  These fails won’t be your typical fails that you see all over the internet, nor the fabricated variety you can find all over the interweb; but fails that occur in the lives of our finest: politicians, celebrities, etc.  Check back in a few minutes to see who kicks off our “Honorary Plaque of Fail” award!

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